what circumstances choose to use mobile crusher?

  • Mobile crusher is divided into mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, etc. It is mainly composed of crusher, feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen, motor, etc. its specific configuration can be flexibly matched according to the actual demand. There are two different mobile crushers for users to choose, including crawler type mobile crusher and tire type mobile crusher. What is the effect of choosing mobile crusher for this medium hardness material?

    Under what circumstances choose to use mobile crusher effect is good?

    1. The site environment is complex, and it is not easy to set up the foundation in mountainous, low-lying and other adverse road conditions.

    2. The materials are scattered and not concentrated, so it needs to be handled, so it is more likely to transfer the flowing crushed stone.

    3. The power supply facilities can not be provided for the operation in the mountainous area with poor environment, and there are problems of power failure or insufficient power.

    4. The personnel are limited, so there is no way to guard a machine by one person, so it's easy and labor-saving.

    Performance advantages of mobile crusher

    1. High production efficiency

    It can integrate the functions of feeding, crushing, screening, transportation, etc. to process, upgrade the structure of the equipment continuously, and greatly improve the production efficiency.

    2. Energy saving and environmental protection

    The dust removal system is set up to achieve dust-free effect on the production site, equipped with better noise absorption system, and the equipment in the operation is equipped with spray device, which can effectively reduce the dust splashing in the crushing process, so as to improve the working environment, protect heavily, and be trusted by users.

    3. Excellent equipment quality

    The mobile crusher is made of high-quality materials, with good equipment quality, wear resistance, higher gold content than ordinary equipment, and long service life.

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