Aggregate Crushing Process

  • Aggregate production line can be divided into crushing production line and sand production line. The Aggregate Mining Equipment configuration of production line is different with different classification. In production, different crushing equipment can be selected according to the hardness of materials. It can also be used for one time or several times according to the requirements of the finished product particle size.

    Aggregate Crushing Plant can be based on different process requirements, various types of equipment for reasonable combination, to meet the different process requirements of customers. The whole set of equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. The stone production line has been successfully applied to the crushing of limestone, basalt, granite, cobble and other rocks.

    production process

    1. The bulk ore is fed through the silo and then fed by the feeder (our company has a variety of vibrating feeders for customers to choose from).

    2. After preliminary screening, the impurities are removed, and the soil can be broken in the first stage - rough crushing by jaw crusher.

    3. After the jaw crusher is rough broken, the materials enter the impact crusher through the belt conveyor and enter the secondary crushing. The crushed materials are screened out by the circular vibrating screen with different particle sizes. The materials that do not meet the required particle size can be returned to the impact crusher for crushing, so as to achieve the ideal particle size requirements.

    Advantages of aggregate production line

    1. The sealing effect is good

    In the whole sand production process, the dust is very small. Good sealing performance. The dust removal effect completely meets the national dust emission standard.

    2. Smooth operation

    Because the whole production line adopts high configuration components, the start-up and transmission of the whole sand making process are very stable and trouble free.

    3. Big profits

    The whole production loss is small, the income is big, and the production increase reaches 15% - 25%.

    4. Low loss, low maintenance rate

    The supporting equipment of sand production line is easy to maintain. The wearing parts are made of new high strength wear-resistant materials in China, with small loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.