How To Measure Electric Energy With Single Phase Meter

  • I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of single-phase electric meters. After all, electric meters are an indispensable part of our daily lives. So let's talk about some understanding of single phase meter .

    We know that the electric energy meter uses the eddy current generated by the voltage and current coils on the aluminum plate to interact with the alternating magnetic flux to generate electromagnetic force, which makes the aluminum plate rotate, and at the same time introduces the braking torque, so that the aluminum plate speed is proportional to the load power. Through the axial gear transmission, the number of rotations of the turntable is calculated by the counter to measure the electric energy.

    A single-phase meter is a device used to measure electricity consumption in ordinary civil household circuits, which are used to supply power to various household appliances. A Single-phase meter has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high reliability. It is an ideal product for reforming the electricity system and realizing the commercialization of electric energy.

    The functions of a single-phase meter, including use and installation, are not very different from other electric meters, but the functions of electronic energy meter are slightly more than that of a single-phase meter.