Introduce Three Phase Electricity Meter And Three Phase Electri

  • We often hear electricians talk about three-phase electricity and three phase electricity meter in our lives, but we laymen still don't know much about three-wire electricity.

    Many people think that three-phase electricity has three wires. This is not the case. We cannot define it by the number of wires. The reason why it is called three-phase electricity is that it has three live wires. The three live wires share a neutral wire, that is, there are 4 wires. However, to prevent leakage, a ground wire will be added, that is, there are 5 wires. This is an uncertain matter.

    The voltage of the three-phase electricity is 380V, which is suitable for industrial electricity with relatively large power. The user uses one of the live wires and the common neutral wire to form a single-phase line, and the voltage is what we usually call 220V. For some electrical appliances with relatively large power, the normal household voltage cannot be brought up, so there will be three-phase electricity.

    The above is some understanding of three-phase electricity. For more details, please visit kilo watt-hour meter .