How To Solve: Common Faults Of Prepaid Electricity Meter


    Relay failure

    Memory or ESAM data error

    Relay and ESAM data are wrong at the same time

    The number of power purchases on the card is inconsistent with the number of power purchases on the table

    Authentication error

    Illegal card or bad card

    ESAM module operation failed

    The user number in the card and the user number in the table are inconsistent


    Clock error

    1. The user buys electricity and inserts the card into the electricity meter. Normally, the buzzer sounds long, the purchased electricity is input into the meter, the relay is switched on, and the alarm light is off. The meter has an electrical output.

    2. After the user purchases the electricity card and inserts it into the electricity meter, the buzzer of the electricity meter does not sound long, the power is not input into the electricity meter, and the display items of the electricity meter are displayed in turn. The reason is that the electricity meter has not been issued. Contact the branch office to install the meter and re-insert the key to modify the card.

    3. After the meter is powered on, there is no display, first check whether the incoming line and outgoing line of the ammeter are connected correctly. If the incoming line, outgoing line and neutral line are completely correct and there is electricity in the circuit. If the meter is faulty, please contact the branch office to install the meter to deal with it.

    4. The meter displays E-11. If it belongs to a new user's meter that is not in use, the user automatically enters the meter to reduce the negative amount of electricity after purchasing the electricity and uses it normally. If E-11 appears in the electricity consumption of an old user, the meter relay is stuck and there is a negative amount of electricity. Contact the branch office to install the meter and change the meter.

    5. The electricity meter displays E-12, E-13, E-15, E-17 electricity meter ESAM module and electricity meter authentication failure, contact the sub-bureau to install the meter to change the meter.

    6. The meter displays E-1B, and the meter clock is faulty. At this time, the meter can still measure and read and write the card normally. It only affects the current month's power freeze. Contact the sub-bureau to install watch shift and change watch.

    7. The meter displays E-18, which appears in the meter's second purchase of electricity. The user number in the meter is inconsistent with the user number on the electricity card, because the wrong card was inserted when the card was first inserted. Approach:

    1. Retrieve the original electricity card of the meter.

    2. Contact the branch bureau to install the watch handling.

    8. The electricity meter displays E-19. When the electricity meter appears E-19 and power off, it is overload power off. Approach:

    1. Check the household load, if the load exceeds the maximum load setting of the meter, go to the business hall to apply for capacity expansion and meter replacement.

    2. If no load is added and the meter still frequently appears E-19, check the meter wiring to see if the live wire is shorted to ground.

    9. E-14 appears in the power meter, the number of power purchases on the card is inconsistent with the number of power purchases on the meter. Contact the branch bureau to install the watch and reset the watch and card.

    10. E-16 appears in the meter, illegal card or bad card. Carry out the processing of contacting the branch to install watch shifts.

    11. There is power in the table but no output

    Reason 1: Overload.

    Solution: The user reduces the power load, inserts the user card, and restores the power supply.

    Reason 2: The remaining power meter is equal to less than the secondary alarm power.

    Solution: Insert the user card to restore power.

    Cause 3: The relay is broken.

    Remedy: Change the meter, perform "zero power supply" in the electricity sales system, and insert the card again.

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