Single Phase Meter -How To Understand Electricity Meter?


    If you are the homeowner, the following problems may have occurred:

    a) Where is my meter?
    b) Can I charge the electricity cost correctly?
    c) How to legally reduce the monthly electricity bill?

    Where is my meter?

    An electricity meter is an instrument or device used to measure the amount of electricity consumed by a household. Electricity suppliers usually record the readings of electricity meters once a month to correctly charge customers for service fees.

    The meter is usually installed outside the house. This maintains privacy for customers and provides energy suppliers with the convenience of reading meters without entering their homes.

    The meter is fairly easy to identify because the energy readings expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh) are displayed as black letters in analog or digital form on the white background of the meter.

    Have you charged the electricity cost correctly?

    To understand whether your electricity cost is correct, it is necessary to pay attention to the following two factors:
    (A) Do you have a budget plan? If you are, the monthly bill is based on the total energy consumption of the previous year divided by 12. This will create an estimated monthly amount for you.
    (B) Do you pay with you? If this is the case, you may need to pay a higher monthly fee for using the air conditioner in the hot summer months, and less heating in the mild winter months.


    How to reduce electricity bill legally?
    You can take many useful steps to reduce your electricity bill. Below we discuss some important issues:
    a) Purchase your energy supplier, and then choose the supplier with lower charges per kWh.
    b) Provide good insulation for the house. The cost of doing so will be recovered through energy saving.
    c) Natural gas is used for heating and cooking because its cost is lower than electric heating. However, the use of natural gas requires additional safety measures.
    d) If it is affordable, invest in solar energy to provide supplementary energy.
    e) Wash the clothes with cold water whenever possible.
    f) Turn on the fan to reduce the use of air conditioning.
    g) Use energy-saving light bulbs.

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