Kilo Watt-Hour Meter -The Role Of Energy Meters In Circuits



    1. The function of the meter in the circuit bai is to measure the power consumption within a period of time. The average current within this period of time can be obtained through the electrical energy of this period and the dao voltage at which the energy meter works.

    2. Common electric energy meters include inductive mechanical energy meters and electronic energy meters:

    1. The working principle of the induction mechanical watt-hour meter is: according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the meter is energized, an electromagnetic field is generated in the current coil and the voltage coil, a rotating torque is formed on the aluminum plate, and the counter is driven by the drive gear to count, current and voltage The larger the torque, the greater the count, the faster the count, and the more electricity used. The rotating torque of the aluminum disc is proportional to the active power of the load

    2. Electronic watt-hour meters use electronic circuits/chips to measure electrical energy; use voltage-dividing resistors or voltage transformers to turn voltage signals into small signals that can be used for electronic measurements, and use shunts or current transformers to turn current signals into It can be used for electronic measurement of small signals, using a dedicated electrical energy measurement chip to multiply the converted voltage and current signals by analog or digital multiplication, and to accumulate electrical energy, and then output a pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the electrical energy; the pulse signal drives the step The motor drives the mechanical counter display, or sends it to the microcomputer for digital display.


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