What are the classifications of electric energy meters?

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    Energy meter classification

    1. According to structure and working principle: induction type electric energy meter, electronic type electric energy meter. Electronic energy meters can be further divided into fully electronic energy meters and electromechanical pulse energy meters.

    2. According to the accuracy level: ordinary level: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, used to measure electric energy. Precision level: 0.01, 0.05 level, mainly used as the calibration benchmark for calibrating ordinary-level electric energy meters.

    3. According to the purpose: (1) Active energy meter. (2) Reactive power meter. (3) Maximum demand table. (4) Rate electric energy meter. (5) Multifunctional electric energy meter. (6) According to the nature of the connected power source, it can be divided into: AC electric energy meter and DC electric energy meter. (7) According to the installation and wiring method of the meter, it can be divided into direct connection type and indirect connection type (connected via transformer); among them, due to the difference of the measuring circuit, it is usually divided into single-phase electric energy meter, three-phase three-wire Electric energy meter and three-phase four-wire energy meter. (8) According to the average life span, single-phase induction watt-hour meters are divided into ordinary type and long-life technical watt-hour meters.

    Precautions during use:

    1. Ordinary metering type electric energy meter. Don't overload the electricity. Long-term overloading of electricity will cause inaccurate measurement until the meter burns.

    2. Prepaid electric energy meter. Pay attention to the alarm prompt of the meter and purchase electricity in time. To understand the basic characteristics of prepaid electric energy meters, such as: "overload" will automatically power off and various error prompts on the meter, and you should keep abreast of the operation of your own meters, and get in touch with the management department when problems are found.

    3. Multifunctional electric energy meter. You should understand the electricity prices at different times, try to avoid peak areas, and use low-cost electricity more.

    4. Do not overload the electricity when using the bus-type remote electric energy meter and the power carrier remote electric energy meter.

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