Electric Bike Factory Introduces The Reasons For The Short Trip


    Electric Bike Factory introduced the reasons for the short mileage of electric bicycles:

    1. When the efficiency of the motor decreases, the unnecessary work is done increases, wastes power, and shortens the continuous mileage.

    2. Inferior chargers owe charging when charging the battery every day so that the battery capacity is insufficient and the continuous mileage decreases and shortens day by day.

    3. Poor controller makes the starting current of electric vehicles too large, the starting time is too long and the power is wasted, resulting in shorter driving mileage of electric vehicles.

    4. Excessive friction coefficient of each moving part of inferior electric vehicles, or excessive mechanical transmission resistance, can also cause waste of electricity and shorten the continuous mileage.

    5. When the battery is aging and its capacity drops, the mileage will become shorter.

    Through the above introduction, Fast Sport Electric Motorbike Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.