Electric Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Maintenance Knowledge

  • Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces the precautions for using battery cars in winter:

    1. In the winter, the battery car is working at a relatively low temperature, so the first thing we need to protect is the battery. Friends who have the conditions are best to take the battery home and put it in the car when using it. In this case, you are right Your battery car has good protection.
    2. If we are a newly purchased electric car, we should first fully charge it before using it. This is because many electric cars have been put in the store for several months. In this case, if they are not fully charged, they are very unhappy with their battery cars. Well, don't use it immediately after the charge is full, you should wait for about an hour.
    3. In winter, you must pay attention to safety when driving the battery car, especially now that there is more snowy weather in the north and the road is relatively slippery, so when we drive the battery car, we must slow down, pay attention to the distance from other vehicles, and pay attention to passers-by. , So as to ensure safety.
    4. In winter, we should pay attention to whether the various parts of our battery car are in normal use, especially the wheels and brakes of the battery car must be checked in time to ensure the 100% safety of the car and avoid unnecessary troubles.
    5. We must pay attention to keeping our battery dry and clean, especially you must often remove the dust and dirt on the battery cap, and also pay attention to keeping the battery dry, so as to prevent the automatic discharge of the battery and ensure the battery car Safe driving.
    6. In winter, we should pay attention to the charging of the battery and develop a good habit. The battery should be changed frequently and the battery should be kept in a fully charged state, so as to ensure the long-term use of the battery, and to ensure the safety and durability of the battery. use.
    7. In winter, we will not use the battery car for a long time because of the cold weather. If this happens, then you should fully charge it, place your battery in a cool and dry place, and charge it regularly. My experience is Generally charged once every seven or eight days.

    Through the above introduction, Handicap E-Tricycle Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.