Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares How To Extend Battery Life

  • The short service life of many electric vehicles is mainly due to the improper use of the battery. The charging time should be reasonably controlled according to the mileage traveled. The charging time should not be too long. Electric Motorcycle Factory recommends that the battery car is best to ride every day. To get enough gas, close the switch in time when getting off. The charging time of electric vehicles should be basically controlled within 10 hours. If the charging time is too long, it is easy to damage the battery. Each charge should be charged before the battery power is used up, so the damage to the battery is relatively small, and the service life is long. Longer, the key to the life of an electric vehicle is to use and maintain the battery properly.

    If the electric car is used every day, it should be charged every day unless it is only less than one or two kilometers. When charging, the battery must be fully charged. When the red indicator of the charger is on, it means that the battery has entered a constant voltage floating charging state. At this time, it does not mean that the battery is fully charged (about 70-80% charged). Under normal circumstances, the battery can be fully charged in 4-8 hours. The charger lights green when the battery is fully charged. Once charged, no matter how much the battery is consumed, the battery should be fully charged. "At present, most battery cars on the market have a one-year warranty period, and the battery can be charged between 250 and 300 times."

    In terms of maintenance, the following suggestions are given: When starting from a bicycle, do not start by electric alone, but with the assistance of the pedals. In addition, even if not used for a long time, the battery should be recharged once every half a month, which can extend the battery life.

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