Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares Battery Charging Methods

  • Electric vehicle batteries are extremely important to electric vehicles. It can be said that they are the core of electric vehicles. The batteries can’t work, they can’t go, they can’t move! Electric Motorcycle Factory reminds us that we usually need to take good care of it, but there are three fears of lead-acid batteries, and the most fear of these three, once these three situations occur, your electric vehicle battery is basically scrapped, you need to replace the battery!

    1. Internal battery expansion: If you find that the interior of your electric vehicle's battery is much larger than when you just bought it, it means that it is filled with gas everywhere. At this time, it is completely damaged and can no longer be used. Even if you can charge it, its endurance is very poor, so when you find that the battery becomes bigger, you must replace it.
    2. The battery temperature is extremely high when charging: If you find that the battery temperature of your electric car is very high when charging, even if it is a bit hot, this means that it is about to die. It may be because some internal elements are continuously being precipitated, and then the power during charging is increased, so that the battery will become very hot. At this time, the charging is fast and the power consumption is fast. Maybe you have to charge it four or five times a day. Serious, it may even cause a fire!
    3. Unable to continue charging: If your electric car is charging, it is a red light. But no matter how long you charge or the red light, it means that the battery inside the electric car has been damaged and can no longer store electricity. At this time, the electric car will continue to charge until you unplug it. This situation is relatively dangerous and often causes fire, so once you find that your battery can't be charged, you have to replace it.

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