Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares 5 Points For Maintaining Bat

  • The service life of lead-acid batteries used in electric mopeds has a great relationship with the daily use and maintenance of users. In general, Electric Motorcycle Factory reminds you to pay attention to the following points:

    (1) The smaller the depth of discharge (the shorter the distance) of the battery each time it is used, the longer the service life of the battery. Normally, you should develop a good habit of using and recharging. Use the battery to keep it fully charged.

    (2) The charging time should be different according to the length of the driving mileage. The longer the mileage, the longer the charging time. Otherwise, the charging time is controlled at 4-12 hours, and it is not allowed to charge for a long time.

    (3) When the battery needs to be left for a long time, it must be fully charged, and it is usually replenished every month.

    (4) The large current discharge has a certain damage to the battery, so use the foot pedal to help when starting, going uphill, carrying weight, or against the wind.

    (5) When charging, use the matching charger, place in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, and do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.

    Pay attention to the above points, your battery can be used longer than usual, and the electric car will run longer.

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