Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares How To Solve The Dust Accumu

  • Electric Motorcycle Factory introduces how to make anti-corrosion measures for battery trucks:

    1. The battery handling truck should be maintained in normal use, so as to prolong the life of the battery handling truck. The following are some anti-corrosion measures for the battery handling truck:
      2. The appearance of the battery truck should avoid accumulation of water and dust, which will affect the aesthetic effect of the battery truck. It is not easy to design with water and dirt during the functional design.
      3. The battery van should be considered for anti-corrosion performance. The battery van should be placed in an environment with good ventilation and drainage performance, which can help the heat dissipation of the motor, especially if the heat is not well dissipated in summer. The van is damaged.
      4. The parts of the battery handling truck should be easy to protect, and process holes can be provided. This has the advantage that it can facilitate the use of the nozzle of the spray gun and can prevent the phenomenon of liquid accumulation.
      5. For the part of the battery truck that is exposed to the outside, a protective cover can be added to the outer part, which is convenient for the parts exposed to the outside to corrode or enter the water. The protective cover can prevent these situations.
      6. In order to avoid the corrosion of the slits between the battery trucks, they must be sealed with glue, so that dust and water cannot enter the inside. Using insulation measures can also avoid corrosion.

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