Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares Battery Charging Tips


    Electric Motorcycle Factory shares how to deal with the electric car if there is electricity.

    (1) Check whether the battery output of the electric vehicle is normal. If the output is too low, the battery is bad. The battery needs to be replaced urgently.

    (2) Pull out the brake line. If the car turns to prove that the handlebar is broken, you must replace the handlebar or use the second table and the control handlebar for maintenance.

    (3) Check that the bar is short-circuited with the wire and the signal wire is positive. If the car turns, the bar is bad and needs to be replaced or repaired. Turn on the power and turn the bar to use a universal meter to measure the positive wire and the signal wire have a positive 5V <1 -4〉Turn the handle.

    (4) Whether the controller is good or bad, you can use the positive 5V short connection of the handle bar as the handle turns to indicate that the controller is ok. The easiest way to smell the controller is if it smells burnt.

    (5) Check whether the motor is good or bad, and the carbon brush of the motor is not in good contact, which may cause a little not to go.

    (6) Check whether the line has a virtual connection.