Manufacturers Of Sport High Power E-Bike Share The Correct Way


    The manufacturer of Sport High Power E-Bike introduced that electric vehicles are prone to spontaneous combustion after exposure:

    In the hot sun, electric vehicles are also easy to get angry. Many electric vehicles spontaneously ignite every year due to motor failures, aging circuits, and improper use.

    To prevent spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, the first thing to do is to maintain good vehicle conditions. Before driving, check the wiring and circuits of the vehicle to ensure that there is no damage or rubber aging. If it is not necessary, try to avoid modifying the vehicle wiring. The modification should also be a regular product or qualified. The modification shop to avoid leaving safety hazards. Secondly, it is forbidden to explode easily under prolonged exposure. In addition, the vehicle should be parked in a sheltered place and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. If there is any abnormal noise or smell during driving, the vehicle should be turned off immediately and parked for inspection.