High Power Electric Motorcycle Factory Introduces The Maintenan


    High Power Electric Motorcycle factory introduces different usage methods of electric vehicles in different seasons?

    1. What will happen when using electric vehicles in winter, and how to avoid it as much as possible?
    It is normal to use electric vehicles in winter, and you will feel that the driving mileage drops obviously (especially in the north). Because the battery activity decreases in low temperature environment, the battery capacity decreases in low temperature environment, and the battery capacity returns to normal state in normal temperature environment. Therefore, consumers should avoid putting electric vehicles outdoors overnight or charging in low temperature environment when using them in winter.

    2. What should I pay attention to when using electric vehicles in summer?
    1) Avoid exposure to high temperature and hot sun, and it is strictly forbidden to charge in high temperature environment;
    2) Avoid charging immediately after driving at high temperature, and prevent the charging time from being too long (about 8 hours normally);
    3) When the battery is charged, the power box is hot or the green light does not turn, and the battery or charger should be inspected and maintained at the battery store or our company's after-sales service outlets in time.

    3. Can an electric car continue to ride when it is running with insufficient power?
    No, you should charge in time when the battery is low. Although the battery is protected by the voltage limit of the controller, it can ride for a short time when it is still for a while, so it will do the greatest damage to the battery, which will cause over-discharge of the battery and seriously affect its service life.

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