Electric Motorcycle Factory Introduces That The Charging Time

  • Many electric vehicle users report that the battery life of a new car is not long. After basically a year of use, it looks like it is full of electricity, and it runs out after a short period of time. Even if the whole battery is scrapped, it cannot be used. When asked how they charge the battery, they generally reported that after returning home from work, they would basically plug in the power source to charge regardless of the remaining battery points, and unplug the power source when they went to work the next day, so as to ensure that the battery is fully charged. use. For most electric vehicle users, many electric vehicle maintenance technicians do not recommend this, so long-term charging in this state will shorten the battery life. So, what is the correct charging method? The introduction of Electric Motorcycle Factory suggests that people may wish to follow the steps below.

    First, the electric vehicle battery does not need to be charged too diligently

    The rechargeable battery itself also has its life. The number of recharges from the production to the end of life is also limited. Basically, it can be said that one charge is one less. The user should reduce the number of battery recharges as much as possible under the conditions that can ensure normal driving the next day. If driving consumes 30% of the power for a day, then it is not necessary to charge the battery that night, and the remaining 3% after work the next day Recharge at about ten. However, as a well-known domestic battery manufacturer, Xupai battery itself has a longer service life and more stable performance. The large-capacity design structure can still run a long way even if it uses 30% of the power.

    Second, the charging operation must be correct

    Generally, the charger is connected to the power supply first, and then the charger is plugged into the power socket. If the charger is connected to the power socket and then the battery, it will easily cause ignition and the insulation layer outside the battery will be burned. , Causing a short circuit of the circuit, causing the battery to be scrapped.

    Third, the charging of the battery also needs to grasp the length of time

    In principle, the rechargeable battery can be recharged for two hours after it is fully charged. It is not necessary to charge the battery for a long time. When the indicator light of the electric vehicle charger has changed from red to green, it means that it is fully charged. The Xupai battery adopts advanced technology, and it only takes six or seven hours to fully charge the battery, so there is no need to charge too much time.


    Through the above introduction, High Power Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.