Electric Motorcycle Factory Introduces The Strategy Of Replaci


    The steering dexterity of the electric vehicle depends on the quality of the front fork and the pressure bearing. When the pressure bearing is damaged, the cover wire is not too tight or the cover is too tight, which will cause difficult and inflexible turning, steering difficulties and deviations, and not repair in time. It will cause the fork to wear out and cause riding hazards. The following Electric Motorcycle Factory will introduce how to change the pressure bearing for electric vehicles?

    1. Spray the rust remover on the screws to be disassembled to facilitate disassembly, saving time and effort without damaging the wires.

    2. If the front wire and brake wire may cause disassembly inconvenience, unplug the connector to avoid the trouble of forcible disassembly and easy disconnection.

    3. Don't tighten the screws with force. When you encounter difficult screws, screw them "back and forth", otherwise the front fork screw pattern will be easily damaged.

    4. It is wrong to just change the steel ball without changing the bowl, and the wear of the bowl cannot be ignored. In some cases, the "bowl" is not changed because it saves trouble. The unevenness of the "bowl" will cause the steel ball to run hard and break easily. Tip: Prepare a slender steel bar, tap the bottom bowl from top to bottom, and tap the top bowl from bottom to top, and it will come down easily.

    5. Don't hit hard with a hammer when serving the "bowl". Tip: Use a small square wood to hold the bowl in place evenly.

    6. Apply lubricating oil, the friction of the lubricating steel ball without lubricating oil will increase, and it will not be durable. The upper and lower steel balls allow sufficient oil.

    7. The upper cover wire should be moderate, not too loose or too tight, and it is better not to block it. The upper fixing wire must be tightened to avoid loosening of the wire, causing the handlebar to move, and the front fork does not move.

    8. Arrange the wires and fix them with wire harnesses so as not to hinder the steering.

    Through the above introduction, High Power Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.