Electric Bike Factory Introduces The Charging Knowledge Of Lith


    Electric Bike Factory introduces the need to avoid overcharging when charging electric vehicles:

    If an electric vehicle battery is overcharged, it will cause a large amount of gas to wash the battery plates, causing the active material to fall off, and ultimately reducing the battery life. In addition, overcharging of electric vehicle batteries will also lead to a faster rate of water loss, affecting the decomposition of electrolyte, leading to an increase in battery temperature and shortening battery life.

    Lithium-ion batteries are even more terrifying. Because lithium batteries are relatively active, when lithium metal is exposed to the air, it will react with oxygen and explode due to intense oxidation. Under normal circumstances, the lithium ions in the battery will not come into contact with oxygen, but in the case of overcharging, the electrolyte and other materials will crack to produce gas, causing the battery casing or pressure valve to swell and rupture, allowing oxygen to enter and accumulate on the surface of the negative electrode. The lithium atoms react and explode.

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