Electric Bike Factory Introduces The Relevant Knowledge Of Bat


    Electric Bike Factory introduces why electric bikes can't run far in low temperature environment?

    1. Under normal circumstances, the effect of the battery is directly related to the outside temperature. Taking the reference temperature of 25°C as the standard, the capacity of the battery will decrease by 1% for every 1°C drop in temperature. Ordinary storage batteries consist of an outer transparent plastic case, an inner metal substrate and a sulfuric acid solution. The metal substrate is divided into a positive substrate and a negative substrate: the positive substrate is composed of brown lead dioxide, and the negative substrate is composed of spongy metallic lead. When the two sets of positive and negative substrates are placed in the electrolyte, the corresponding chemical reaction will occur. When we are in the charging state, it will automatically store the capacity, otherwise it will be in the discharge state during normal driving! Under the two different states of charging and discharging, the saturation of charge is positively correlated with temperature. Taking the reference temperature of 25°C as the standard, the charging saturation is higher when the temperature is higher, and vice versa. Therefore, the temperature drop is an important factor for the battery not to run far in winter. Under the same driving conditions, we will generally feel that the battery travels farther when the temperature is higher than when the temperature is lower.

    2. In addition to uncontrollable external factors such as temperature, we should also pay attention to the normal care and use of the battery, so as to improve the battery life. Choose a charger product that matches the battery and buy a qualified and standard brand charger. Reject the unnecessary loss of the battery by inferior chargers. Inferior chargers usually use too small current for charging, and the charging effect is poor, and they cannot effectively replenish the battery in time. The uneven level of charging parameters is also an important reason for the loss of batteries caused by inferior chargers. Excessive current will cause serious water loss inside the battery, which will directly damage the battery function. Too small current will cause the battery to lose money for a long time, and the battery will not be saturated. Both conditions are not conducive to riding safety and health, and also aggravate battery losses. Therefore, we strongly advocate the reasonable use of batteries and chargers, and at the same time encourage everyone to participate in the selection of large-brand compliant chargers, so as to reduce errors and maximize the normal life of the battery.

    3. Science popularization of battery charging timing: Under normal circumstances, when the remaining power is 30%, it is the best time to charge the battery. Too much or too little remaining power is not conducive to the normal charging of the battery. The specific reason is explained as follows: charging when there is too much power remaining will cause the battery to overcharge; charging when the power remaining is too low will cause battery loss.

    4. Pay attention to the reasonable control of the charging environment temperature. The cold outdoor with too low temperature or the exposure state with too high temperature are not conducive to the normal charging and maintenance of the battery. The data shows that the charging saturation of the battery at a temperature of -5°C is less than 70%, and the cycling capacity release is only 50%-60%. Therefore, we should pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of the charging environment temperature during the charging process.

    5. Battery usage frequency will also affect battery life. For example, take-out vehicles, express vehicles, or long-distance riding electric vehicles can cause damage to the battery. Excessive and continuous riding for a long time requires timely and effective power supply to the battery to ensure the normal operation of the battery.

    6. The weight of electric vehicles will also affect the battery effect and shorten the mileage of electric vehicles. Taking an ordinary electric vehicle with a reasonable load of 75 kilograms as an example, when the electric vehicle carries more than 75 kilograms, the battery power release will be greater than the current release in the normal state, which directly leads to the shortening of the battery riding mileage.

    7. When choosing a battery, choose a battery with a larger capacity as much as possible to meet the needs of users for longer riding. For example, when a large-volume electric vehicle is matched with a small-capacity battery, the current will not be delivered in time, resulting in undesirable riding results, and directly affecting the battery experience.


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