Hardcover Notebook-Notebook Paper: Explanation Of Related Matte


    Whether it is for work needs or to reward employees, the company's notebook customization has become a trend, so when the company customizes the notebook, the cover design and cover material selection are generally considered. Similar to the magazine cover, the notebook cover is also the first impression origin of. However, the original intention of using a notebook is to write, so the choice of paper is very important.

    As for the thickness of the paper, if the paper is too thin, the characters written with a water pen or pen will be deformed due to too much ink, and instead of using a ballpoint pen, the characteristics of too thin paper and ballpoint pen will make the next page Leave uneven marks. Therefore, the selection of paper should not be too thin, nor can it be said to be too thick. If it is too thick, the weight of the notebook is increased first, which affects the portability of the notebook. In the aspect of writing, because the paper is stiff, the brushstrokes are not so comfortable.

    Custom notebooks are commonly used in thicknesses of 80 grams and 100 grams. 80g paper is slightly thinner than 100g paper. Both types of paper can be used for inner pages. The difference is that 80 grams of paper, because it is thinner, the brush strokes will be softer, and the writing experience can be more comfortable. The 100-gram paper is relatively stiff, but it looks more upscale in terms of look and feel. Both options have their own merits, so choose according to your needs.

    Another important factor that affects writing is: the lubricity of the paper, which is also a variable relationship. The higher the lubricity of the paper, the better the gloss, and it looks more beautiful and rich, but the paper surface is too lubricated It is not very conducive to the writing of some oil-based pens, and its inking ability is low, and the situation of simple ink infection occurs, which must also be considered according to the use.

    In addition, the color of the notebook paper also affects writing. According to scientific research, white is a color with a strong refractive index. Pure white paper has a stimulating effect on everyone's eyes because of its high refractive power. Simple is visually tiring. Therefore, beige Dowling paper has become a popular notebook paper. The light beige reflection of the light is very soft, and long-term writing is very comfortable for the eyes.

    In short, the thickness, lubricity, and color of the paper are the most important parts of the paper when the notebook is customized. The paper should be selected scientifically according to the survey.


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