Kraft Paper Hardcover Notebook -Notebook Paper Quality: 3 Thing


    How to choose the inner page of the notebook is a question that many customers who want to customize the notebook often consult on the website. We all know that the notebook notepad is mainly used to write records. So, the quality of paper is good or bad, which has become a concern for custom customers. However, because of the lack of relevant professional knowledge about paper, customers will sometimes feel that they do not know where to start. How do custom notebooks distinguish between papers?

    1. The color of the paper

    Pure white paper, white has a stimulating effect on human eyes under strong light. Looking at white paper for a long time will make eyes tired and shed tears; while beige Daolin paper, the color is very soft, for people who like to write It is the first choice of the inner page.

    2. The thickness of the paper

    The common thickness of paper is 80g and 100g. 80g paper is slightly thinner than 100g paper. Both types of paper can be used for inner pages. The difference is that 80 grams of paper, because it is thinner, the brush strokes will be softer and the writing will feel more comfortable. The 100-gram paper is relatively stiff, and the writing is not as good as 80 grams, but it looks high-end and has its own advantages.

    3. Fluency of paper

    The smoothness of paper writing is very important. The surface of a good paper must be smooth and smooth, and writing is smooth. The paper of low quality has astringent writing, and the paper has more noise.

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