Petblowingmachine Cap Mold Feature

  • We can make Cap Mold based on customers' requirement as long as there is technical drawing or sample.

    Getting into high volume applications like this requires additional considerations in the design process. For example, using a cold runner system to feed 32 cavities is not economical as it can add injection time, increase plastic pressures, add to take out time, increase the overall size of the mold, and several other defects.

    Having a hot drop feeding each part eliminates the use of regrind and the management of runner systems after the molding process.

    Feeding the parts directly eliminates the pressure losses associated with a cold runner system.

    The valve gate system in the hot runner gives the process engineer direct control of gate freeze time.

    Saving on cooling time by eliminating the thick wall section created by the runner system.

    Increased dimensional consistency.

    The next design consideration is optimizing cooling channels to remove heat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Several factors can dramatically affect the ability to remove heat from the plastic with the largest one bring wall thickness. For high volume applications, the goal is to have as thin of a wall section as possible without affecting the part functionality and moldability. Using tools such as Moldflow, we can consider the part design's influence on the process.

    Cap Mold Feature

    1.Interchangeable insert is available for easy maintenance and long mould life.

    2.Each cavity and core have independent cooling system, shortening production cycle time and getting high production efficiency.

    3.Export standard mould; we are honest on steel material and mould components.

    4.Testing mould and cap before shipping to your country, and we supply spare parts for you in one year if damage.

    5.Tooling Machine is from Japan, which is good at precision machining to ensure low eccentricity.

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