World of Warcraft Classic Game - 50% Experience Event Extended

  • World of Warcraft classic game from July 17 0:00 open 50% experience event, there are a large number of trumpets in the game, the number of players practicing trumpets, the demand for upgrades has naturally increased, so whether it is with Maradon, or with STSM showcases have nearly doubled the price.

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    In order to take advantage of this hard-earned opportunity to earn gold, many mages have brushed up the number of daily copies in the past two days, and even some mages have brushed up one number and then opened another, and by 11:00 this afternoon, players thought the experience buff was going to end, and mages with trumpets thought they could finally take a break, resulting in a new announcement from the U.S. service - 50% experience event extension.

    According to the World of Warcraft Classic, the experience event has been widely praised by players since its launch, so it was decided to extend the experience buff's The duration has been extended to July 20th at 0:00am. 50% experience buff extension is obviously very good for players who practice trumpet! The first thing you need to do is to get your own copy of the booklet. If you want to upgrade easily, I recommend you to buy wow gold classic, this article will help you find a Best Place to Buy WoW Gold Classic.

    World of Warcraft Classic game might help increase our everyday lives or even enhance our experiences through the class level and maybe up to and including whole lot more for folks than simply provide some leisure.