World of Warcraft Classic Game - Anchor Quest Delivery Status

  • Regarding the World of Warcraft Open Doors mission, a large number of players from all the major servers united together to contribute to Open Doors, which also reflects the charm of the classic World of Warcraft game, world of warcraft classic gamers still love this MMO.Through several days of hard work, by today, both the Horde and the Alliance have reached over 95% progress on their Anchorage-related supplies, and it is expected that next week, essentially all servers will be able to deliver full Anchorage-related supplies and start Phase 5 related quests.

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    World of Warcraft players have always been known for their loyalty and enthusiasm, from the day the news of the fifth stage was announced, many players have been discussing whether or not to do the relevant activities to hand over supplies, many players believe that handing over supplies will benefit the studio and will help the studio to increase their profits, and then as time goes by, it seems that all the server players have chosen to hand over supplies, after all, for the new map of the fifth stage of Angela, every player is very fond of.

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    But there are some players are very repelled by the delivery of supplies, in fact, for the players, can not participate, but there is no need to denigrate, after all, Angela opened the door early, players can early experience Angela copy and go to Angela copy to break in, which is a very happy thing for the whole server players. If you also want to go to the World of Warcraft classic game, want to go to complete a lot of other people can not complete the task, then wow gold classic is the part that must be well prepared, this article will introduce you to a Best Place to Buy WoW Gold Classic to help you succeed quickly.