Different Types and Uses of Stainless Steel Bars

  • It is not wrong to say that stainless steel bars are one of the most used elements in the manufacturing industry. They are also used in several other industries as a result of the machinery used. The applications of stainless steel bars are versatile. As such, they are used in various types of industries, like automotive, shipbuilding, defence, cement, fabrication, construction, heavy earth moving equipment, textile, paper and pulp.

    Stainless steel bars are available in different types of shapes, such as flat, round, square, and hexagonal. The use of the bars depends on the types and size of the bars. You can get any kind of bar you need from the several stainless steel bars suppliers in South Africa.

    Bars made of stainless steel are popular due to the beneficial metallic properties of stainless steel. As one of the strongest and most durable metals, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperature. It also has a high load-bearing capacity and aesthetic appeal. The different types of bars offered by stainless steel bars suppliers in South Africa, as well as their applications, will be discussed below.

    1. Flat Bars

    Stainless steel flat bars are hot-rolled bars that comprise high strength due to their thickness. In addition to this, they are also corrosion resistant. These bars are usually used in applications where the metal is not exposed to natural elements. For example, you can use these bars in escalators, lifts, and underground stations. Some of the other applications of stainless steel flat bars are ornamental work, brackets, braces, and base plates.

    1. Round Bars

    Stainless steel round bars are vital materials in the machining, manufacturing, and construction industries. These bars can be easily cut and machined into tools. This is the reason why industries choose round bars for creating machine parts and automotive components. Due to the wonderful property of rust resistance, stainless steel round bars are utilised to produce grills and fasteners.

    1. Square bars

    Stainless steel square bars are popular because of their strength, hardness, and immense wear resistance. The bars are used mostly to manufacture medium and large-sized components for commercial equipment. Like round bars, square bars are also known for their wide application in the manufacturing industry, pertaining to fasteners, pieces of machinery, and equipment.

    1. Hexagonal bars

    The application of stainless steel hexagonal bars is more general-purpose. These bars are designed to carry weight. They are widely used in construction industries.

    While purchasing stainless steel bars, ensure you purchase high-quality bars, as low-quality bars cannot fulfil the requirements of the manufacturing industry or other industries. To be sure of the quality of the materials you are using, consider composition analysis, ultrasonic tests, internal defects tests, surface and tensile strength, as well as other mechanical and chemical tests. These tests are complete to inspect the value of the bars, as well as their suitability for their intended use. Make sure to purchase your bars from the renowned stainless steel bars suppliers in South Africa to get the best items at the most reasonable rate.