How to Power Leveling Your Werewolf in Elder Scrolls Online

  • Welcome to the ultimate Werewolf Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online! This Werewolf Guide will explain all mechanics that are related to Werewolf both for PvP and PvE. We will start with the basics such as skills and passives and then move on to the more advanced things like effects & Champion Points. One thing is for sure, Werewolves are powerful creatures that can tear through enemies in seconds!


    You will only appear like a Werewolf when you are in Werewolf form so for those who never want to mess up your present look or Vampire features don't appeal to you then Werewolf will (Vampire provides red eyes and scarred skin).

    Perks & Penalties

    Being a Werewolf brings plenty of perks but additionally introduces a couple of penalties.

    With the Werewolf ultimate slotted in your bar, you might gain a bonus to Stamina regeneration.

    Increased Stamina, Armor and Sprinting speed while in Werewolf kind.

    You develop into a killer tank.

    For those who like to PvP then do not grow to be a Werewolf. Werewolves are vulnerable to poison harm and cannot get buffed whilst in Werewolf kind (just healed).

    You get a 25% weakness to poison while in Werewolf kind.

    Power Leveling Your Wolf

    Your Werewolf abilities only raise once you kill whilst in Werewolf kind. This can be quite difficult when you strategy on performing it legitimately given that Werewolf form is limited to several seconds before you decide to turn back to your humanoid kind. Also, all enemies give the exact same amount of expertise (for the Werewolf rank) so it is improved to attack weaker enemies because they die quicker.

    Strategy 1 & 2 are the fastest ways to power level because the target doesnt fight back and dies in one hit. It really is also possible Zenimax Online (developers of Elder Scrolls Online) will nerf it so I included the slightly longer system 3.


    Alright, moving on to hunting ground locations, we have the Oasis. This spot alone has 43 goats which makes it a pretty good place for leveling up your Werewolf. Goats are easy targets that die in one strike and they never fight back.

    All you have to do is kill the 43 goats as fast as possible – so you won’t revert back to human form – and then move on north in the search for more goats. If you kill every goat in sight and they haven’t spawned back, you can go for the crabs as well.


    A little bit north in the oasis (involving the Wayshrine along with the Dolmen) is a further huge area with tons of goats. For any turbo boost of XP, join a dolmen group but keep inside the Valley. Run about killing all the goats (and consuming them to keep your Werewolf kind active). Then when the Dolmen seems, destroy it and then go back to killing the goats until the dolmen reappears. Rinse and repeat for mega XP.

    At first, you'll only have the ability to kill 10 to 20 goats ahead of you run out of time, but as you level up Werewolf and unlock passive abilities, you will be capable of keep in werewolf type for substantially a lot longer.

    Crab Shore

    This technique is slightly tougher then the earlier since there aren't as numerous targets and they may fight back which wastes some time.

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