Beads U Workshop Works With Handmade Jewelry Techniques 

  • Did you ever wonder what Handmade Jewellery is or how the jeweler produced it? It is a handcrafted jewelry that is made without mass production equipment by an artist. It can include basic and handcrafted earrings, pendants or bracelets to complex designs and professional techniques that require hours or days to complete. Nevertheless, what they all have in common is that a jewelry artist only uses his hands and simple tools to create each individual piece.

    The Types of Handmade Jewelry and Techniques used in making them

    Handmade Feather EarringsHandmade Feather Earrings

    Beaded Jewelry
    Handmade beaded jewelry can be some of the easiest or most complicated jewelry designs depending on the beads used. Makers may make earrings, bracelets and necklaces using beads on a single strand of string material.

    Some of these beads may include personalized numbers or letters, fun-shaped beads to show off interests, or a large statement bead with smaller ones to frame it. With quite a bit of practice and some very small beads, however, designers may build larger and more complex designs.

    Handmade Beaded EarringsHandmade Beaded Earrings

    Wire Wrapped Jewelry
    Wire wrapped handmade jewelry can easily be found. Most jewelers use wire wrapping to create earrings or charms with stones and beads. In its simplest way, wire wrapped jewelry is usually adorned with other ornaments and is designed with coils of wrapped wire.

    Nevertheless, many wire wrapping experts are capable of creating highly complex and responsive designs using labor-intensive wire weaving techniques.

    The design allows makers to use many different wire gauges. They can use a thicker scale for basic framing designs while the complex fabric designs need thinner gauges. Makers must also acknowledge the wire tempering for their venture. For example, dead soft wire is much easier to wrap than a full hard wire.

    Handmade Beaded EarringsHandmade Beaded Earrings

    Fabricated Jewelry
    Handmade jewelry covers a variety of gemstone types, from conventional gemstone rings to wildly creative jewelry. Fabricated jewelry uses the jewelry bench skills and metalsmithing techniques, which involves the use of a metal saw to cut the basic shape or cut complex part details.

    Most jewelers use soldering to solder each components. It can be as simple as combining two pieces or as complex as making a dozen joints. Fabrication requires time and commitment to learning. However, studio lessons are recommended at a community art center, technical college or university, and when a jeweler learns several basic principles, they will be able to manipulate metal in various ways.

    The first collection could be simple. Their collections can become quite complex and technically difficult, as they gain knowledge and practice over the years. This is where many of the gritty and grimy jeweler's hands come from!

    Handmade NecklacesHandmade Necklaces

    Engraved or Hand-Stamped Jewelry
    This is one of today's most common types of handmade jewelry. Hand stamping allows a maker to create personalized jewelry for his clients, such as a Handmade Beaded Earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc. It's easy to start and requires only simple techniques and tools.

    The designs are crafted by hammering a metal stamp with a heavy hammer onto a blank sheet. Most of these tools are accessible to professionals and hobbyists. Since you can stamp most types of metals, you can choose how high of a price point you wish to be in. Aluminum and copper blanks are some of the cheapest options available in various stores. Once a maker is confident in their skills, they can get higher quality blanks from companies that specialize in jewelry findings.