How to purchase a villa elevator

  • The passenger elevator is different from other industrial control equipment. It is a vertical transportation equipment that is produced, assembled on site, and used for fixed use. The quality of the elevator will be affected by many factors. According to the link, several opinions and suggestions are provided:

    1. Selection and procurement: Brand positioning is very important. If funds allow, I would rather choose some brands with larger annual output, higher market share, and better reputation. Generally, the equation of brand=quality is still relatively good. Persuasive; such as Otis elevator.
    2. Transportation and installation links: rain and moisture prevention during transportation and storage, the quality of the installation team and the evaluation of the installation quality, the quality of the installation, and residential elevators will directly affect the later operation, which is also a key link that needs to be considered.
    3. Initial use link: In the early stage when the home villa elevator is put into use, the building residents will use the elevator to transport a large amount of decoration materials and construction waste. If this link is not well managed, it is a link of "destructive use" of the elevator. Therefore, it is particularly important to formulate relevant management rules and instructions for use, special personnel to supervise when transporting goods, elevator quotation, no overload, no partial load, and no illegal use of home villa elevators.
    4. Normal use link: select an after-sales service team authorized by the original manufacturer or with a good market reputation to provide daily maintenance services for home villa elevators. No matter how high the production and installation quality of elevators are, there is no effective after-sales service team. , If the home villa elevator is not maintained in accordance with relevant specifications, its quality will not be reflected.