Items to Put into Storage When you Move

  • Moving from one home to another can be a highly transitional period in one’s life – an interim stage where one needs to decide what to do with all the appliances, furniture, and antiques one has collected over the years. As a result, you may need to find some transitional storage during the move. Not only will it ease the letting go of items when you make the move into your new property, but it will also help you to determine which items to get rid of, which to keep close, and which to store in your newly found storage space.

    When you move into a new place, things can seem terribly busy for the first month as you settle in. By renting a unit from one of the several storage companies in Cape Town, you essentially give yourself time to settle in, organise your life, and decide which items would be best to keep in storage. Deciding what to keep, what to store and what to get rid of can be a lot more difficult than one would think. Once you have been through your must-have and will-leave lists, you are left with several other household items that you are not sure what to do with.

    To assist you and ensure you make an informed decision, the items you should consider putting into storage will be discussed below.

    1. Bulky, non-used furniture

    One of the most common items stored at storage companies is furniture. This is because they are usually bulky and take up an unnecessary amount of space, especially when you have large lounge suites. There are several other reasons why you should consider storing your furniture. Perhaps you have downsized and can no longer fit it in your living room, or the furniture no longer matches the rest of your house’s décor and interior. In either of these cases, finding storage companies in Cape Town would be wise.


    1. Any seasonal items

    Whether the seasonal items are clothes, sports equipment, seasonal equipment or holiday decorations, there is no reason why you need to keep these items with you at your home. Why take up all that space in your garage or guest room, when you can simply store these items at one of the several storage companies in your area?


    1. Antiques, collectibles, trinkets, and artwork pieces

    The most common items that are stored at storage companies when moving into a new home are collectors’ items and artwork pieces. Not only can you have peace of mind knowing the items are safe and secure, but you can keep better tabs on your goodies. Too many people have lost and misplaced items during a big move due to its chaotic nature.


    1. Large, duplicate household appliances

    Finally, if you move into a new home and the space is already fit with the bigger household appliances, such as a washing machine or oven, there is no need for you to have yours there too. Therefore, rather than duplicating your appliances and taking up an unnecessary amount of space, start looking around at the various storage companies in Cape Town.