Choosing a Commercial Glass Replacement Company

  • One of the most important areas a commercial company needs to maintain is their windows. This is because having one’s windows replaced can dramatically transform and improve the overall look of one’s business. Not only will it prove to clients or customers that you look after your business, but it will also keep them looking visually appealing year-round. In terms of the business itself, having a commercial glass replacement done will reduce the company’s energy costs, especially if they are glazed.

    When looking to have a commercial glass replacement done, it is of utmost importance that a reputable and knowledgeable company be chosen to conduct said replacement. That way, you can be confident that the windows you are investing in are of a high value and quality, as well as the correct window type for your establishment. For example, if your office tends to get hit by the afternoon sun, the company should recommend that you have your windows glazed to prevent your office from overheating.

    There are several different factors to keep in mind when looking for reputable commercial glass replacement companies, some of which will be discussed below.

    For starters, it is of utmost importance that you take the quality of the physical product into account. The better the quality, the longer the windows will last and the less often you would need to replace the windows. The best way to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality windows is by inspecting the materials used to manufacture the windows. Some of the factors you can look out for are the overall construction and environmental condition of the product, as well as how thermally efficient the window is.

    Thereafter, research whether the company has the necessary certifications, and whether the product is in line with the necessary standards and regulations. In South Africa, all commercial glass replacement services should be SABS approved. If the company’s products do not have the necessary endorsements, steer clear of them!

    Once you have started weening out the lower quality companies, you should then look at what past customers have said about the companies you are considering. To do so, you can either ask the glass replacement company for referrals, or you can look at the company’s website to view their past projects and get an idea of the level of quality you can expect.

    It would also help to look at the company’s history and experience. If the company has been in the industry for several years, there is obviously a reason for it. The more experience the company has, the better. If a company has managed to remain competitive in the industry for a number of years, it must be because they have supplied their clients with excellent service.

    Finally, browse through the various windows you can consider. There are several different types of windows you can choose from for your commercial glass replacement – in terms of the frames. You can choose between aluminium, vinyl, fibreglass, wood, etc. Consider which type of frame you would like, and then ask the company whether they can supply you with what you want.