The Most Underrated Benefits of Social Media

  • Why should your business be on social media? Well, the short answer – everyone else is! Your existing customers, potential customers, and competitors – virtually everyone that could have an affect on your business is active on social media. So, what are you waiting for? In order to reach your customers, wherever they are, and ensure that your brand’s voice is heard, you need to be there too. With the way that social media is going, businesses can use it for more than just connecting with their customers and people they know, it can also be used to market products, as well as be used in your sales funnel.

    Luckily, there are several different companies offering social media marketing in Cape Town. They can assist you in creating the most comprehensive social media marketing campaigns, as well as ensure that you tackle this marketing tool effectively.

    Social media deserves your attention now more than ever. There is so much it can do for your brand, both short and long term. While there are several well-known benefits to utilising social media marketing, such as increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty, website traffic, and sales, there are several other benefits that fly under the radar for modern businesses. These will be discussed below.

    1. Businesses can uncover industry trends in real-time

    To put it in simple terms, social media is a potential goldmine of business intelligence. Think of how transparent it is. You can see unfiltered, real-time conversations between customers and brands, as well as look at your target audience’s social activity to get clued in on current industry trends. There are also several features available that can assist you with social listening to see what your customers are talking about, in relation to your brand.


    1. Businesses can provide extensive customer service

    With social media, customer service has become quick and to the point. Gone are the days of lengthy, awkward phone calls and emails. Customers can now take to social media to ask questions and raise concerns. The better your online customer service, the better your reputation.


    1. Businesses can create a more comprehensive competitive analysis

    One of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is the fact that businesses can now spy on their competition and see what they are doing. You can see what they are currently promoting, what types of ads they are running, as well as how their content strategy differs from yours.


    1. Businesses can appeal to their younger, social-savvy audience

    Finally, you now have a means to reach your younger, “hip” audience. While there is no doubt that social media marketing is capable of reaching customers of all ages, one specific generation that is responding less and less to traditional marketing is Gen Z. As such, businesses need to adapt beyond their usual in-your-face commercials and take on the narrative of their younger audience.

    There are several other benefits to availing the help of social media marketing companies in Cape Town. What are you waiting for? Contact a reputable company near you and become active on social media today!