Rocket League will lose its $19 Ninety nine charge

  • The huge September 23 free-to-play update will mean some of the largest modifications to Rocket League Items Rocket League in its 5-year records. First and predominant, the barrier of entry is long past.

    Rocket League will lose its $19.Ninety nine charge tag and move right down to zero on PlayStation four, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It'll be unfastened on PC, too, but it's going to no longer be on Steam. Next week will see Rocket League migrate to its new one-of-a-kind domestic on the Epic Games Store, although everybody who owns the Steam version of the game will retain to acquire future updates and capabilities.

    On pinnacle of that, Rocket League will upload a revamped Tournaments mode and subtle Challenges. For the latter, Challenges will now not be part of Rocket Pass, but will now matter throughout the complete game. Players will acquire new Weekly, Season, and Event Challenges with every offering their personal tier of rewards.