Why Companies are Starting to Rent Equipment

  • Within every industry, companies need every competitive edge they can get. When looking over the balance sheets and other aspects of the business to find advantages, it could be highly beneficial to explore and compare the costs of renting or leasing equipment against the expense of buying and owning it. Trestles, ladders, access scaffolding, formwork and support, trailers, as well as several other pieces of equipment are essential to any business. However, just like any other resource, department, or process, they must be streamlined in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

    When attempting to determine whether it would be more beneficial to opt for equipment hire in Cape Town rather than purchasing and owning the equipment, a cost-benefit analysis is recommended. To assist you, the benefits associated to equipment hire will be discussed below.

    You avoid the upfront investment

    When you purchase equipment, it generally requires a large initial investment. Not only is your money tied up in said investment until you sell it, but if you have used it well you may not receive the offer you were hoping for. Whereas if you opt for equipment hire, it frees up funds for you to maintain more important parts of your business.

    You reduce the long-term expense

    To ensure fault-free operation, the equipment will need to be regularly serviced and well-maintained. In some cases, parts may need to be changed, technology upgraded, and leaks fixed, which all comes at a large expense. If you opted for equipment hire, however, this would be the rental company’s responsibility and would only be a small potion of the leasing cost.

    Storage and transport costs are avoided

    If you purchase equipment, you need to ensure you have both short- and long-term storage solutions for it, as it needs to be well looked after. A vital piece of equipment cannot be left in the blazing sun, nor in the rain. Equipment hire can save you from the worry of long-term storage, as well as transporting it from site to site.

    Your competitive edge is sharpened

    In the past, it would be difficult to compete against the industry leaders that have the newest and greatest machinery available. Whereas, with equipment hire, small competitors can procure the same type of equipment for their projects. Thereby, levelling the playing field.

    You have access to the latest and greatest equipment

    This benefit goes together with the fact that your competitive edge is sharpened. You no longer have to commit to equipment long-term. If you opt for equipment hire in Cape Town, you can rent innovative equipment that features up-to-date technology. Not to mention, renting also helps you avoid the risk of your equipment becoming unusable, or obsolete.

    As you can see, there are several tangible benefits to opting for equipment hire in Cape Town. In fact, more and more companies are opting for rentals than purchasing, especially those in the following industries: agriculture, construction, earthmoving, landscaping, plumbing, etc.