Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturers Share Tips For Preventing

  • Many kitchen sinks are double sinks, all the sink faucets are rotatable, but the rotating faucet turns to the bottom and there is water leakage. What should I do at this time? There are many hot and cold water tap leaks that are leaking at the faucet handle. How to do the faucet often leaks, afa stainless steel faucets manufacturers teach you this trick, do not spend a penny to easily solve

    The water around the faucet valve core is exposed. This problem is mostly caused by the owner's “strength” being too large, causing the faucet to loosen or detached from the installed medium. It can be removed and reinstalled. If necessary, the glass glue can be used for sealing.

    Changing the axis of the faucet, knowing oneself and knowing each other can be a battle, and the faucet is the same. If you want to leak the faucet to repair it, you need to understand the reason why the faucet leaks. If the shaft pad in the faucet is worn out, then use the pliers to loosen the gland bolt, then take out the shaft gasket and replace it with a new one. Just fine

    The bottom of the faucet leaks. This phenomenon is generally caused by the unfilled or deformed O-ring of the inlet pipe. The solution is to unscrew the hose. If the O-ring is not deformed, the O-ring and the inlet pipe are re-assembled. Yes, if the O-ring is found to be deformed, replace the O-ring.

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