Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturers Share Small Room Decorati

  • When doing home decoration, there are many owners and friends who don't know much about the small room decoration design. Below the stainless steel faucets manufacturer will introduce you to the small room decoration design skills:

    1. Decorative characteristics If you are rational and do not like most people, then the decoration characteristics of your apartment must be modern and refined. Conciseness and usefulness are the fundamental characteristics of the refined characteristics. The refined characteristics of the small room type, economic, useful and comfortable together, also reflects a certain civilization taste.

    2, at least the finest furniture to make a small space, small space should be carefully selected furniture, the greater the furniture, although the more storage (but not necessarily the more casual and easy to follow), or the relative remaining activities The less the scope, the heavier the furniture, the bigger the body, the less likely the sensitive decoration is, the more complicated the furniture is, so the more common it is to reflect the common beauty.

    3, the decoration style because the 40 square meters small apartment new size itself is small in size, so the planning should be open-ended, this layout can create an empty and comfortable space effect, but also can be used in the living room and dining room, kitchen The open design, the purchase of some exquisite small furniture, tables and chairs, can achieve the same aesthetic and functional effects.

    4, the design of the entrance, we can see the place where you can see when you enter the door. Because its layout is very important, the area of this area is small, and should be avoided. If it is to be partitioned, it is best to keep it separated, leaving some transparency for the space, using window partitions and bead curtains. Not only does it have the effect of separating areas, it also does not affect the permeability, but also increases the ornamental.

    5, the color gives people a very narrow feeling. In comparison, clean white can also have the effect of expansion. If the choice of color is not in place, the effect will be counterproductive. Take the rectangular type as an example, or the wall surface. Brushed into a dark color, it will definitely reduce the space and organize the space into a square effect. In addition, too many and complicated decorations are not used.

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