Installation Steps For Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufactur

  • Generally, the size standard of kitchen sinks for small units should be set according to the size of the entire kitchen countertop. Modern combined closets are used, so AFA Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers remind that custom sinks can also be selected directly based on the size of these custom cabinets. These are the choices of young people. To say that the long service life is still our traditional design method, it is more in line with the elderly's living habits, and modern pool materials are also more abundant in the design.

    In the past, it was a single cement or some tile design. In modern times, many different wall materials are also integrated. It is better to say that crystal mosaics are very good. In addition, the size of the kitchen sink is based on each kitchen. The location of the pipes is set, and the design positions of the pipes in different rooms are different, so in this case, you must choose a kitchen sink of different sizes.

    In addition, the selection of the kitchen sink size standard depends on the design of your entire kitchen countertop. These are directly related to the effect of the design of the kitchen sink, and the installation of modern pipes is basically in the corner, so the size of the kitchen sink, As far as possible, it can fit the width left by the wall and the location of the pipeline installation. Do not have too much deviation, otherwise it will affect the flow of water and easily cause the pipeline to be blocked. Therefore, in the process of selecting the size, not only the spatial position must be measured, but also the distance between the pipe and the wall, as well as the pipe setting in the sink.

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