Lavatory Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Steps Of Using Niches


    Everyone may be puzzled when you see this. This is neither good nor good, so what should Lavatory Cabinet do? Let me introduce you to a practical and affordable way of toilet cabinets-niches, and mentioning niches believes that everyone will be familiar with them! The alcove is simple and very practical. You don’t need to worry about moisture and mold or formaldehyde content. Daily cleaning and wiping are also very convenient. More importantly, the alcove does not occupy space, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright!

    Make an alcove next to the bathtub. It's very convenient to take things and put things when taking a bath. You don't have to make all kinds of racks on the wall anymore, or you need to put a stool alone next to it! Beautiful and stylish, no worries such as dampness!

    The alcove next to the sink is naturally indispensable. With the alcove bathroom, you can make a lot of cabinets or even no cabinets! What toiletries, cosmetics, etc. you want to put, how you want to use, take it away, and never put it on the countertop, worry about touching the sink accidentally!

    The construction and design of the alcove are very simple. Generally, experienced teachers will do it. It should be noted that because the niche needs to open a hole in the wall, remember to avoid the position of the load-bearing wall when designing the alcove. The load-bearing wall can not be cut, which will affect the stress of the overall structure of the house and leave hidden safety hazards!

    It should be noted that when designing an alcove, the size must be reserved in advance. The height and depth of the alcove can be designed according to their own needs. The height is generally about 50cm, and the depth is about 25~30cm! Finally, the wall tiles of the alcove must be unified with the overall style of the bathroom to look good. Remember not to paste too much to affect the appearance!

    The above content is organized and shared by Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers , hoping to help those in need.