Afa Handmade Sink Details Processing More


    What are the differences between afa Handmade Sink and one-piece sink?

    1. From the appearance, the integrated groove is more rounded, the manual groove is thicker, and the line is tough.
    Second, in detail, the four-corner arc processing of the integrated groove is easy to manage in normal use. Compared with the manual groove, the rounded corner processing is not perfect. The bottom of the integrated tank can make a large slope, which is more conducive to launching, and the manual tank can only make a simple X-shaped launch
    3. There is almost no difference in the material. If they are all made of 304 stainless steel, the difference is the thickness. The thickness of the general machine slot is about 1mm, and the manual slot is generally about 3mm on the market, and even Chen Gong has customized 5mm manual Groove, this is the advantage that the hand-groove looks stronger and more personalized.
    4. Appearance judging machine slot and manual slot. This is too simple. The machine slot is like a weak woman in the south, while the manual slot is obviously a northern man. It is clear at a glance.
    Fifth, how to judge whether the sink is really 304 stainless steel. This is only a potion experiment. Taobao sells this kind of potion, but remember that the potion has a corrosive effect on stainless steel. If you try it, it is not stainless steel, and no returns will be returned. Off.
    Sixth, the cost is relatively high, manual grooves are definitely expensive, because they are all manual welding, the cost is definitely high; and the machine grooves are all machine-pressed, and the machine groove process has been perfect for so many years, and the cost is naturally very low.

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