Benefits Of Handmade Sink


    The sink can be said to be one of the most frequently used items in the kitchen, and the cleaning of food and tableware is inseparable from the sink. A beautiful and clean sink is very important for creating a healthy and warm kitchen. But there are still many friends who can't tell the merits of Handmade Sink . So, how to choose a small stainless steel sink?

    First, look at the process
    Judging from some brand sink products, the price of the same size is very different. There is not only the influence of materials, but also the gap in craftsmanship. From the point of view of process alone, the one-piece method is better than the welding method. This process is produced by one-shot stamping method, which is tight and seamless, which can prevent rusting and will not cause the situation of desoldering.

    Second, look at the material
    At present, the best raw material for sinks on the market is 304 stainless steel. This kind of steel is very suitable for kitchen use in terms of hardness and wear resistance. The surface of this kind of steel is particularly smooth, without oil or dirt, and it is very easy to clean. There is no need to use cleaning products such as wire rings, just use a rag. And a good sink is also equipped with an overflow device, the surface looks fine texture.

    3. Workmanship
    The fineness of the workmanship of the sink will directly affect the daily use in the future. Especially the flatness of the sink is an important indicator to determine the quality and grade. The water tank with good flatness has good gloss after cleaning, strong oil resistance, no task stains, and no water accumulation. The most important point is that it is not easy to get dirty, and such a sink is not easy to breed bacteria.

    Fourth, look at accessories
    The sewer pipe is leak-proof, and the precision of the fittings and the sink are consistent. The sewer pipe is leak-proof, and the precision of the fittings and the sink are consistent. The PVC material is used and has the same life as the sink, preventing clogging and no leakage. The positioning of steel balls is the key to the drainage of the sink. The quality of the steel ball positioning is good, which can quickly remove the sewage and prevent the odor from returning. The sewer pipe is another key to prevent the odor from returning to the sink. Designing the sewer pipe to be S-shaped can reduce the back taste of the sewer. Coupled with a special sterilization process is even more perfect.

    Five, look at the thickness
    The thickness of the sink should be moderate. Too thin and too thick are not good. Generally, the thickness of the sink is 0.8mm-1.0mm. The quality of 1mm is relatively good. Too thin will affect the service life and strength of the sink.

    The above content is organized and shared by the Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets , hoping to help those in need.