What Is The Weight Of Handmade Sink


    The size of Handmade Sink is usually determined by the size of the countertop. The reasonable width of the sink is 430~480mm, and the depth of the kitchen stainless steel sink is greater than 180mm to prevent water splashing. The thickness of the sink should be moderate, preferably 0.81.0mm, too thin will affect the strength of the kitchen stainless steel sink, too thick will affect the washing effect.

    1. Choose according to the kitchen space. Generally speaking, single basins are more suitable for smaller kitchens, and double basins are also widely used in households. At the same time, the three-tank or female tank is more suitable for large-scale kitchens with individual styles.

    2. According to the size of the kitchen sink. The depth of the standard sink size design is usually about 20 cm, which is more convenient for washing dishes and can prevent splashing. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall is 90 degrees to increase the use area of ​​the sink.

    3. Choose according to kitchen sink accessories. The water tank hose of the plastic pipe is not heat-resistant water, is not easy to age, and the interface is easy to fall off and leak. It is a good choice for the PP material of the sewer, which has a high degree of sealing and can prevent water leakage.

    4. Choose according to thickness, thickness, weight and depth. The thickness of the steel plate of the kitchen sink is preferably between 0.8-1.2 mm. Within this thickness range, 304# stainless steel is chosen to make the sink tough and to avoid damage to various porcelains due to impact to a large extent.

    5. Choose according to the process. The processing of kitchen sinks includes welding and integral molding. Welding methods are divided into two methods. One is to weld the washbasin and the panel together. The advantage is that the appearance is beautiful. After strict treatment, it is difficult to find the welding port. The surface of the sink is flat and smooth. The disadvantage is some consumption. Those who doubted its solidity. The other is the butt welding of two single pots butt welding. The advantage is that the basin and the panel are stretched and formed integrally, which is strong and durable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to see the welding traces and the flatness is slightly worse.

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