Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of T


    Some sinks on the market are sprayed with paints of different colors and different materials, claiming to be sweat-proof and moisture-absorbent. How about Handmade Sink Manufacturers?
    In fact, the main purpose of spraying the coating on the bottom of the sink is to prevent temperature condensation, protect the cabinets, and reduce the noise of falling water. Moisture absorption is only a secondary function or a different statement. Quick-frozen food is put into the sink or wet weather in spring and summer. Because the temperature of the sink is low, water vapor will condense on the bottom of the basin to form water droplets.
    Drops of water will cause the cabinet to get wet. Spraying a suitable layer of paint on the bottom of the sink may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference and destroy the formation of water droplets. The high-quality coating also has a certain moisture absorption function to protect the cabinet from flooding. However, most of the basin bottoms of the sinks on the market are ordinary paints, which do not absorb moisture, and have little anti-dew function, just flickering.
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