Knowledge Of Handmade Sink


    What is the difference between Handmade Sink and general sink

    1. The so-called manual sink is made by hand. Usually the thickness of the sink is 1.2-1.5mm. The stainless steel plate of this thickness cannot be stretched on the mold and will break once it is punched. The thickness of the ordinary stretched sink does not exceed 0.8mm, so the first difference between the two types of sinks is the difference in thickness.

    2. Secondly, manual sinks are all made by hand. They are mainly made by laser welding. Therefore, the requirements for plates and equipment are relatively high. Most of them are made of stainless steel plates above 304, so the cost of manual sinks is also higher. Ordinary sinks are formed by stamping with a die, the plates are thin, and the drawing is easier. Low-grade stainless steel plates such as 201 are generally used, so the cost is relatively low.

    3. What is the difference between a handmade sink and a general sink? Another disadvantage is the difference in surface material. The surface of the handmade sink is finely brushed. This treatment method can highlight the texture of the sink and give people a luxury Upscale feel. The surface of the stretched sink adopts the pickling treatment of pearl sand. The cost is very low, the process is simple, and it does not look so high-end.

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