Replacement Procedure For Stainless Steel Faucets

  • When a faucet suddenly leaks at home, how can it be replaced correctly? Take stainless steel faucets as an example to illustrate today.

    First, close the hot water gate and cold water gate under the basin for disassembly.

    Secondly, use a wrench to remove the connecting screws of the cold water pipe, hot water pipe and faucet. Remove the two rubber screws that fasten the faucet.

    Remove the broken faucet. When purchasing a new faucet, make sure the threads of the two main pipelines are the same, and the center distance of the two pipelines should be the same. Otherwise, the installation will not fit.

    Finally, place the new faucet at the installation position on the basin, and pay attention to putting a rubber pad on each of the two pipes to prevent the water on the basin from flowing down to the basin.

    Then, tighten and fix the plastic screws under the faucet and connect the hot water pipe with the cold water pipe.

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