A Cost-Effective Way to Modernise Your Home

  • No matter how much maintenance you do on your home, or how well you look after it, constant wear and tear will take its toll. This, combined with the constant change in styles and tastes over time, can make any home look tired and outdated. One of the first areas that starts to go, or show its ageing, is the flooring. The issue is the fact that the impact it has on the overall image and atmosphere of the house often goes unnoticed. Luckily, there are several new and innovative modern flooring solutions popping up that offer homeowners a cost-effective and easy way to refresh the look of their home.

    One solution that has become increasingly popular is hardwood flooring. Over the past few years, more and more companies have started offering hardwood flooring in Cape Town. This is due to the fact that hardwood flooring has become a go-to for homeowners looking to modernise and ‘refresh’ their homes. Some prefer the classic look of the flooring, while others simply prefer that hardwood flooring is easier to clean and maintain.

    In addition to this, there are several benefits to opting for hardwood flooring. If you are still unsure about whether to opt for tiles or hardwood, continue reading this article! Below, the several advantages to installing hardwood flooring will be discussed below.

    1. They vastly enhance the look of your home

    As mentioned previously, any company offering hardwood flooring in Cape Town will talk highly of this type of flooring. However, did you know that wooden floors not only add a touch of elegance to your home, but also make the entire space feel warmer? In fact, it even has the ability to make the space feel larger.

    2. Hardwood flooring is strong and durable

    The durability of hardwood flooring is one of the main reasons why homeowners upgrade their flooring to wood. While these types of floors can get scratched or dented, it would be very difficult to do.

    3. They add value to your home

    If you were to put your house on the market, and you had hardwood floors, you would not only be able to sell your home in a heartbeat, but the overall value of your home would also increase drastically. Nobody wants to move into a house with someone else’s carpet. Additionally, carpets are like petri dishes that provoke allergy symptoms.

    4. They improve the air quality of your home

    Hardwood flooring does not trap dust, pollen, dirt, or any other common allergen. Therefore, the air quality within your home will be far better. If you or someone in your home suffers with allergies, it is recommended that you partner with a hardwood flooring company in Cape Town to install these floors in your home.

    5. They are versatile and suit all décor themes

    No matter what the style or décor theme your home may be, hardwood flooring is so incredibly versatile that it can adapt to almost every interior design theme in your home. Of course, the colour and species may change depending on the aesthetics, but hardwood is still hardwood!