5 Good Reasons to Send your Child to Summer Camp

  • 1 | To learn to live in a community
    School already offers a first glimpse of community life, but summer camp allows our children to rub shoulders with it even more. Enough to develop their sense of listening, sharing, solidarity and humility. From there to finding our bacon, quick to wash the dishes and vacuum the room on their return, there is only one step.

    2 | To leave without the parents
    The sooner our children face their fears, the more easily they will overcome them. And among those that agitate them, separation occupies a prominent place on the list of their anxieties. Yes, but here it is, if our role as parents is to protect our kids, it is also up to us to teach them to stand on their own feet, by encouraging them to multiply experiences.

    3 | To try new experiences
    Surfing courses, Indian camps, itinerant trips in horse-drawn carriages, trips abroad, vacations around the theater or dance… the organizers have no shortage of ideas to seduce children and reassure parents. Themed, each summer camp allows you to discover a new activity or to live a passion, leaving your comfort zone.

    4 | To enjoy a vacation with qualified supervision
    Rest assured, sending our children to summer camp does not mean letting them go into nature without a frame. Quite the contrary. Each camp is organized by a management team, qualified animators, a person responsible for monitoring children's health. There is thus one animator for 8 children under 6 and one animator for 12 children 6 and over.

    5 | To offer inexpensive holidays to our children
    We do not necessarily know, but many financial aid allows families to finance the stay in summer camp for their children. Cafes, works councils, charities, municipalities, the departmental councils, the public service or the trip organizers themselves offer assistance. financial to allow as many people as possible to go to summer camp. Many organizations also accept holiday vouchers. Worth making a few phone calls, right?

    Key questions before registering your child in summer camp
    Beyond the campaign to promote summer camps that it organizes each year, the Ministry of National Education has published on its website a whole series of information to present the interest of these stays for children and respond to questions from parents.