IGVault Ways: How to Farming WoW Gold in Vanilla WoW

  • The first mount costs a lot of gold in WoW Classic. In order to make life in World of Warcraft easier for you, this guide may help you not in just Vanilla WoW but in any other expansion you are playing.

    Gathering Resources

    There are lots of things to find and gather in the world: leather, fish, ore, herbs, clothes, stones, gems, recipes, essences, shards, special reagents and not only. Everything can be sold.

    This way may require lots of time to get a solid amount of gold, but do not forget about luck. Pure luck finding a Black Lotus or mining a couple of Arcane Crystals may save you hours of grind and double your daily income.

    It is a great advantage to start making some silver and your first gold coin at low levels already. Skinning is a nice choice here. Fast and easy way to gather resources, leather of all kinds while leveling for those who are at the race to level 60. There are many good spots to grind beast mobs and skin them. I like doing it as a Troll Hunter, trolls have a passive racial ability: + 5% bonus damage against beasts.

    Most profitable professions are considered to be Herbalism and Enchanting in pair. You can have Enchanting only for Disenchanting skill, it will bring decent gold. Consider the fact of disenchanting all soulbound armor, not just selling them to a vendor, but I do not recommend to disenchant any kind of weapons, it is more profitable to sell it to a merchant if it is a soulbound item, or sell it on auction house if it is BoE

    Farming Dungeons

    Farming dungeons is trickier than going out into the open world, as not every class is equally viable or even able to comfortably do so solo, but farming in instances removes the competition, so you don't have to worry about someone snagging that Thorium node before you get there, monopolizing the enemy spawns, or engaging in PvP combat. While some profession items can be obtained inside instances, typically large amounts of cloth, the main resource are the mob drops themselves. If you are able to comfortably cut a path through dungeons, they have a number of benefits, including a large number of mobs who are always in the same locations, allowing you to create very predictable and repeatable farming routes.

    Crafting Professions

    Another way to make gold. This option works well at level 60 when you have some good gear already. Obviously, you should have some gold ready to buy reagents. Be ready for expenses up to 225 skill points in any profession: items below that are not worth much. You will get first income after 225 skill points in Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Alchemy or Tailoring. Unfortunately, Engineering and Enchanting will still require some investments. The only way to make gold with enchanting is disenchanting skill (we talked about it).

    Engineering is not that profitable choice. Don’t expect to make same amounts of gold as with Alchemy or Tailoring. It is oriented for PVP mostly. But there are some items still everyone needs to completed quests: Mithril Casing, Bronze Tube, Gyrochronatom. Scopes and Basic Explosives are consumables

    Leatherworking has three specializations: Elemental, Tribal and Dragonscale. I’d pick up Tribal one. It allows to craft Devilsaur set items. Hunters, Rogues, Warriors, Feral Druids, even Enhancement Shamans and Retribution Paladins are among your potential clients. On any realm there is Un’Goro Mafia on Horde and Alliance, they control whole Un’Goro Crater zone and farm Devilsaurs 24/7. They are making thousands of gold. With Dragonscale Spec you are able to craft Black Dragon Mail set. Good demand as well among DPS classes Warriors, Hunters, Shamans, Paladins, for those who wants Bis Pre-Raid items fast and easy.


    You will need initial funds to start this way. Buy for cheap and sell for actual price or higher – that sounds pretty easy. But you should have basic knowledge of prices and always track the market. People use to sell for cheap when they need fast gold or don’t know real value of the item. So, it’s your chance to act. If you see anyone selling an item for low price in trade channel, contact them immediately. You should use all of your trade skills to negotiate about the price to make it as low as possible. It’s important ability to communicate. Besides, it’s good to get addons to trade effectively on Auction House: Aux or Auctioneer. They allow you to scan auction, compare prices, find cheapest options, post items quickly, and many other useful tools. It is possible to make your first thousand out of ten gold you have in a pocket.

    Auction House

    Going full goblin and using the auction house for more than sales can generate gold per hour at an incredible rate. But it is a complicated and advanced topic.

    If you need gold now the auction house is not the answer for you. You can move up to this type of gold farming after you’ve met your current and future needs, and have a pile of gold available as starting capital. It is something you could aspire toward during TBC Classic.

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