I played with Edelgard

  • But when I played with Edelgard, I saw this armor in her alt skins during a battle. And it was beautiful. I thought, "I have to make this." Armored skirt, armored bodice, horns in her hair... So much armor. But I must make it. I have to do it. Maybe they needed to hear it. It's totally worth it. We're all here for you and we hope that you cosplay with us. 

    I initially planned on including the seam lines in my cosplay, but eventually decided against them to save on time. More seams always means more time when sewing!I would recommend stitching those in with a basting stitch so you know what you are working with fit wise.

     I’ve never had a problem with my designs or seam lines not turning how I want them. You can also use half of the garment for one design and half for another to maximize on time and materials if there are multiple characters you plan on doing.But since I wasn’t going to be at a convention or even a photo studio, I used photoshop to change my skin and eye color to match her iconic look.

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