Why do you need varicose removal treatments?

  • Our body has veins that function to transport blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. If they become damaged or weakened, they can be inflamed or twisted giving the appearance of ugly red, blue or dark purple marks on the legs. If you left them untreated, they might create problems for you such as soreness on the legs, itching, and pain with throbbing sensations in them.  These situations require veins treatment.



    What are the causes of varicose veins?




    When you are pregnant, you will go through lots of changes in your body like you can get glowing skin, shiny hair, or strong nails. On the other hand, some women can get discolored skin, the deep purple thread structured lines on their legs or face. When they deliver the baby, often these unattractive marks don’t go away on their own. But there is no need to worry about them as medical science has designed several advanced technologies to get them to relieve permanently.  You can get vein treatment near me easily.


    During pregnancy, you will notice veiny breasts or veiny legs. This is because the volume of your blood may increase up to twenty to forty percent at this time, and this extra pressure of the blood may pressurize your veins getting them stretched.  Moreover, the blood starts pooling in them leading to poor blood circulation. Consult for vein treatment  NJ if you need it.


    Remain in the same body posture for a long time:


    When you are in a kind of job where you have to sit or stand up for a long period of time, over time this situation can be very uncomfortable for you. You can notice swollen ankles, pain in the knees, and enlarged veins in your legs. You can notice the enlarged vessels on the calves, ankles, and even the thighs. If it is really bothering you, you can consult a vein specialist to know the options to remove them.  







    When you are young, your body’s immune system is strong and your recovery rates are also higher at this time. But when you get older, you are not the same as you were earlier because your immune system becomes weakened over time. That’s why you may notice the large veins on the backs of the legs and thighs that can be a sign of varicose veins. Most vein specialists use Sclerotherapy to remove the diseased veins.   


    Varicose veins Treatment:




    It is a highly recommended option for varicose vein treatment in New jersey. Your vein doctor will inject a chemical solution into the vein directly. After some time, it will get the affected veins shrunk and then the doctor will seal them shut.   



    Varicose Vein Laser Removal Treatment:


    The treatment includes a laser known as endovenous therapy (EVLT).  This treatment involves radiofrequency and laser. You can get the treatment in the doctor’s office. It can be completed in about one hour. It is a high-tech version of sclerotherapy. During this procedure, your vein specialist will insert a tiny catheter into your affected veins and deliver a radiofrequency or laser energy ablation into them that makes veins shrink and seal them shut.  This treatment is also considered as no surgery and no scars technique to eliminate varicose veins.


    Other than that there are surgical procedures also that can be done on very severe varicose veins such as surgical ligation and stripping, ambulatory phlebectomy, and endoscopic vein surgery that are used to remove varicose veins through small incisions.


    So, if you want to remove the varicose you may consult a nearby vein center to know the right treatment and cause for you.


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